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Positions are regularly available for research technicians, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. Interested in joining us? Please ask for availability and send your CV with two letters of reference to: r.j.pasterkamp@umcutrecht.nl

Our general areas of interest and expertise include:

  • Developmental and molecular neurobiology: studies on the development and remodelling of neural circuits in several different brain regions, including the dopamine, cortical, hippocampal and motor systems.
  • Mouse genetics: generation of knockout, knockin and transgenic mouse lines and mouse in utero electroporation.
  • Biochemistry: (in vivo) proteomics approaches for the identification and characterization of novel protein-protein interactions in neurons.
  • Cell biology and microscopy: tissue culture approaches in combination with cellular imaging (calcium, confocal, lightsheet) for studying dendrite and axon development and synapse formation.
  • Non-coding RNA: using different approaches (e.g. arrays, RNAseq, high-throughput screening) we are studying the role of non-coding RNAs (microRNA and circular RNA) during neural circuit development and disease.
  • IPSC neurons and organoids: We have set up and are coordinating a new facility within the UMC Utrecht, the MIND facility, for generating humanized models to study brain disease. These models include IPSC neuron cultures (motor, cortical and other) and organoids (cerebral and cortical) in combination with genome editing techniques (CRISPR/CAS).
  • Behaviour: for performing phenotypical analyses of epilepsy and neuromuscular disease models we perform EEG recording, Rotarod and grip strength analyses, and other behavioural tests.
  • Neurological disease: in collaboration with different clinical partners we are dissecting disease mechanisms of diseases such as epilepsy, ALS and SMA.



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